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Amanda Welsh

Executive Director

Amanda’s love of books started when she followed her mother, an archeologist, to a dig in a remote area of the Eastern seaboard of the US. There, with no one to entertain her, she turned to books as her companion and read voraciously. She has never looked back!

An entrepreneur at heart, Amanda co-founded and served as the COO of two Silicon Valley companies. More recently, she developed a multi-million dollar business partnership program for a Fortune 500. Along the way, Amanda has designed award-winning videogames and written a non-award winning book on consumer privacy and data collection. She has a Masters degree and a Ph.D. in linguistics from Harvard University, where her doctoral work was focused on neural networks and the way human beings process information.

With the Foundation for Scholarly Culture, she has doubled down on her passion for promoting early childhood literacy and unlocking the world for other children the way books opened up a world to her.

Vicki Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

Vicki is a 20+ year veteran of the business world.  She spent much of her career at the Nielsen Company consulting around innovation.  In addition to working with clients in the US, Vicki also lived in Belgium, consulting on new products in Europe, the Middle East & Africa.  During her tenure, Vicki also worked in process improvement as a Master Black Belt & she led operations, data science & technology for Nielsen North America.

Vicki is married and has 2 daughters.   She enjoys reading; nutrition is a favorites topic in non-fiction,  but she can also be found with her nose behind a good novel. Other hobbies include gardening, running & coaching cross country.  Vicki also believes building girls of courage, confidence and character -- and serves as a board member for the Girl Scouts of the USA.