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You can’t love what you don’t see…

Not surprisingly, literacy rates in any community are correlated with the availability of books. Unfortunately, book deserts – places where books simply do not exist – are all too common, especially in the developing world. Learn how we are using novel and entrepreneurial means to get books to places they aren’t.

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You can lead a horse to water…


Eliminating book deserts is necessary to increase literacy, but alone it’s not sufficient. A book desert can be as small as a single household when a family lacks the habit of reading. Learn how we are partnering with NGOs to foster family bonding through reading and creating positive impact for a lifetime.

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What gets measured gets managed…

The only true way to create meaningful literacy, especially in developing nations, is to create markets for books that work. An ecosystem of authors, publishers, sellers, mentors AND readers flourishes only when they can be supported with proper data to inspire and drive investment and interactions.

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Novel. Entrepreneurial. PopUpBookShops.

The right way to create abundance is to create a system that works for everyone. PopUpBookShops gets donated English books to street sellers in book desert countries, works with local publishers on joint marketing campaigns and even provides used books as materials for local artists creating whimsical book-based art. Help us by donating your gently used books!